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        Hurrikan Wheels is a manufacturer of custom 2-piece hybrid forged wheels debuted in late 2019 as a part of P&W Group.  We have 4 locations for Hurrikan Wheels globally, to best serve our customers. 
The Hurrikan Wheels brand was created with the progression of technology by utilizing our new dual-direction flow forming machining to create high density and lightweight barrels.  Pairing that with forged centers with custom designs, we are able to deliver unique styling, competitive pricing and quick turnaround time.


        Every Hurrikan Wheels are designed and FEA analyzed in house to meet and exceed the American SAE J2530, DOT-T and Japanese JWL/VIA standard to allow owners to have a worry free ownership experience.  Each wheel is backed with a limited lifetime structural warranty, as well as a 1 year warranty on paint finish.


        P&W Group is a global leading manufacturer of alloy wheels established in 1993.  Our experience is our greatest advantage for our customers which allowed us to become a stable supplier of many renowned wheel brands worldwide.  P&W group has factories strategically located in Taiwan, China and Indonesia with the capacity of 1.5 million wheels per year.


        P&W Group provides one-stop service starting from customizing R&D services, according to your drawings and samples to meet your special requirements, especially with our Flow Formed, automated coating line, helium leak detector system and automatic dynamic balance checking system.  


        Customer care is our top priority. Our customers’ satisfaction and trust is what we strive for. We believe that superior customer satisfaction comes from superior product quality.

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